Regulations for Racing

1,Any driver caught drinking alcohol or using legal drugs will be disqualified and face possible suspension.Each driver is responsible for the action of thier crew members. 2, No childrens (14 years and under)are permitted in the restricted areas(head of staging lane and burnout area) 3, One crew member’s allowed on the starting lines.( must stay behind the car and not touch they car during staging) 4, Pit area and return road speed limit is 10 mph ( no burn out allowed in this areas )No tire smoking (breaking)at the finsh line,that run will be disqualified. 5.No Deep Staging.Do not final stage your car until your opponent has pre staged.All classes except Jr Dragster ,are set on Auto Start ,once both vehicles are pre staged ,the second vehicle has 15 seconds before the tree is automatically activated.This predetermined amount of time is called time out.If the second car fails to stage before the system times out It will be given a red light Foul 6. Bye Runs are only applicable to those who enter the Dash for Cash .The winner of the Dash for cash will receive the bye run in the first round.If an even number of cars run,the bye run will carry untill it is used.For the second round and to the conclusion of the race the bye run will be chosen by the best reaction time from the previous round.Only one bye run per race.In the event that the remaining cars did not enter the Dash for cash it will go to the driver with the best reaction time the previous run.YOU MUST take the light on the tree on the bye run. 7. All burn out must be in the designated areas only and using water only.Crew members are not permitted to hold or touch the vehicle during the burn out.NO burn outs acrossed the starting lines except vehicles with out front brakes or if the starting line officials give you permissions.Do not use the water box unless you have racing slicks on your vehicle.(ONLY ONE crew member past the stageing lanes) 8.Absolutly no pit bikes are allowed anywhere off the pavement.Anyone riding a mini bike,atv,four wheeler or even a bicycle in the pits must have a valid drivers licenses! Parents please keep your kids off the vehicles in the pits.Also the only reason for a pit vehicle is for the support of a racing team.Racers you are responsibble for anyone operating your pit vehicel.The racers competitions number must be clearly displayed on the pit vehicle. 9. NO Glass containers of any kind are permitted in the race facility. 10.Confirms your dial in on the scoreboard before your do your burn out.IF it is not correct notified with the an official.Once your burn out is competed the dial in on the board will be the numbers that stay.Write your dial in CLEARLY and DARKY on the passenger side and windsheild.You will recieve only one warning and the next time we can not read the dial in you will forfiet that run. 11.If you’re car brakes in the staging lanes ,you will have untill the end of that rounds to have it fixed otherwise your opponents will receive a competition byerun. 12.If a racer has a problem ,Go to the tower and contact the owner,do not bother the staff,they have a jobs to do.The owner will discuss the matter, along as the discussions remains calm.If foul lanquage or yalling is involved ,the discussion is over and possible suspensions may follow.If you touch an employee in an aggressive manner ,you will be suspended for a year and possible legal action will be taken. 13. Semi final and final rounds will be round robin.All competitors must return directly to the appointed stageing lane and will have a maximum of 5 minute to be ready to start the burn outs.In the event the car does not return to the stageing lane he will be disqualiffied and his compititor will get a win..In the event neither car returns the money will be split and no final rd points awarded. 14.Payouts will be done in the Quick Times Cafe ,PayOuts begin after the completion of 3rd round,unless it is a 1st rd win $10 discount card.Buy Backs can also be purchased there. 15.All Jr Dragsters must be towed at all time,when not on the track.This is the only class not on Auto Start.You are allowed one pull back at the line. There is to be no coaching or touching of the vehicle during eliminations.One pull back only and(One buy back only) 16 IHRA safety rules purtaining to safety requirements in bracket type cars will be followed according to your ET . 17 In the event that your vehicle breaks before your class call for 1st rd eliminations ,you may receive a break pass for the the price of your entry fee, less the spectator fee.You must notify the tower of your break before elimination begin. 18. Any vehicle running quicker than 8 seconds in the 1/8 mile will be required to wear a helment during thursday night test and tune 19 The most important rule is to be enjoy yourself,have fun and be safe. Good Luck

Clean your garage and race queen… regularly!

Here’s an excellent example of why you need to clean your queen (or kind if you’re a girl).

2004 gallardo

2004 Gallardo

My personal car is a 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo in a bright orange. This was my first dream car I bought after working for a long time. It has bout 32K miles on it and it’s a 6 speed automatic (I was too impatient to find a 6 speed gated manual), but I love it. Having it now for over 6 months I have learned the importance of keeping cars that are very bright in their tip top shape. Apart from cleaning my car outside, the inside demanded an equal amount of attention.

After reading some shop vac reviews, I clearly have made a decision to get a Vacmaster wall mounted shop vac to help with my interior. With a combination of awesome chemicals that get rid of some stains in the carpet and leather seats, I can safely say it’s the best shop vac I have ever used in my cars. *Prior to this car I had a Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 with over 100K miles.. talk about a step up right? haha!

Anyway, my schedule is to keep it cleaner so than ever before because I WILL take it to the drag strip to let it rip. (Shortly after I install a Twin Turbo Kit on it.)

Source: Top Rated Car Vacuum Cleaners

Source #2 Folkd.

Why Drag Race with a CLEAN running engine?

The sheer importance of a clean running engine is so crucial, that we have seen numerous engines simply blow up just feet from the starting line. Worse yet, some don’t even make it a foot before you see the hood just get shattered into pieces and white smoke pours from under the bonnet. This is popularly known due to engine neglect with complete ignoring of doing routine maintenance. Maintenance such as oil changes, liquid flushes and even, fuel system cleaning procedures. The latter is as easy as dumping a concentrated amount of specific cleaner and really make the fuel lines sparkle.

The most recommended fuel system cleaner by experts in 2015 is… (below)


fuel efficient 300zx drag racing

300ZX Drag Racing

Here’s what you do: You purchase a bottle of Royal Purple Max Clean fuel injector cleaner & pour the whole bottle into the gas tank. You can use a cleaning kit to feed the liquid through the injectors, and if you do that you’ll receive the best dose of the cleaner. It’s really the way it is mean to. Next up, you just close the gas cap and walla… let the engine run the fuel down with the cleaner. You’ll see a major improvement. Usually the best rated fuel system cleaners can be found here.

Usually what the next thing you have to do, is make sure all the other parts of the vehicle are running just fine. Lastly, you need to make sure the interior of the car is clean as it makes the 2nd biggest difference.

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This blow will be about the racetrack in Wilkesboro

WRP is located 6 miles west of the Wilkesboros on hwy 421 774 Dragway Road 28697 phone 336-973-race 7223

KIDS 10 YEARS AND YOUNGER ARE FREE WITH PAYING SPECTATOR.(ALL RACES) Gates open at 4 pm on Saturdays with Qualifying at 5.30 and eliminations around 6.30-7.00pm General admission on regular races (points races with out booked in shows are $10) Booked in events are $15 for adults


RESULTS 4-18-15

Will Hulls Camaro of MT Airy NC Wins the main event of the Classic Gearjammers defeating Dukes Snyders beautiful Olds from Mt City Tn. and Rick Gerringers Mustang from Winston Salem takes out Boyce Helms of Concord in the concillation race.

In the highly contested Top ET program Mark Dudley of Winston Salem tookout Roger Robertson of Boones Nova.

Mod ET Winner was the 15 track champion Johnny Hodges of Millers Creek defeating Larry Herman of Hildebran

Taylorsvilles Tom Beasley makes it 3 in a row in Jr Dragster as he once again dominated the class. Travis Yates of Millers Creek was runner up

Thursday night test and tune will include the Top Street M/C shootout sponsored by CrossRoad H/D and the WRP True Street shootout.Gates open at 5.30pm Admission is $8 to watch or race.

WE will be closed Saturday April 25th

May 2nd is a double points race along with those wild Carolina Gassers.

Thursday night Test and Tunes (Gates open at 5.30 ).In the event a Thursday T&T is canceled it will be ran the next night (Friday), all season.

21 Points races including 2 double points races for 09 We will be going to the Bracket Finals Oct 16-17-18

See Final Points 08 season

Hientz Bro Performance renews champion package for 09.Steve Hientz announce today he will again give a $200 gift Cert. to both Top ET and Mod ET Champions for the 09 season. Please support this company ,who supports us.

Huggins Tires (GoodYear) in High Point,will again give the 09 Top ET and Mod ET Champions a set of GoodYear Slicks.

Hank Thomas Fuels will be the official fuel supplier for WRP providing those fine Sunoco fuels.current race fuel prices Blue 112 oct $8.99 gal Purple =110 oct $7.99 gal Alky $5.00 gal prices subject to change but we will notify you.

2009-Carolina Signs and Graphics inks in for $200 gift Certificates for Top ,Mod and JrDragster Track Champions $ 75 cert for 2nd $25 discount coupon for each points race winner and a custom decal to comerate there championship


2009-Hickory Enclosed Trailer Sales will be giving a $200 gift certicate to the Top ET and Mod ET 08 Points Champions at seasons end.

A special thanks to Chris’s Homebuilders OutLet in Lenoir 828-754-9076 ( the Winners Circle Sign) 2009

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Top ET $50 entry See Purses under entry (left side,home page.)

Mod ET $45 entry

Jr Dragster $20

2 Buy backs ,good for 1st ,2nd or 3rd round loss

Buy backs are $10 less than entry except Jr Dragsters which is $10

WE start round money second round win

The tracks share of the 50/50 money and $5 of every entry will go to the bracket final and points fund. We will be giving very nice looking WRP event win stickers to each event winner. When you have won 3 points races your next car and driver entry is on us. All car running 4 .99 or quicker during eliminations recieves a $10 discount for the next points race.Best reaction time during eliminations will recieve a $75 certificate from Carolina Signs. We will continue to pursue incentives for our racers thru-out the season.Come be a part of the excitement.



Lower pits spot reserved for $200 upper spots $100 per season.

Track Chaplain Dom Gaetano