Why Drag Race with a CLEAN running engine?

The sheer importance of a clean running engine is so crucial, that we have seen numerous engines simply blow up just feet from the starting line. Worse yet, some don’t even make it a foot before you see the hood just get shattered into pieces and white smoke pours from under the bonnet. This is popularly known due to engine neglect with complete ignoring of doing routine maintenance. Maintenance such as oil changes, liquid flushes and even, fuel system cleaning procedures. The latter is as easy as dumping a concentrated amount of specific cleaner and really make the fuel lines sparkle.

The most recommended fuel system cleaner by experts in 2015 is… (below)


fuel efficient 300zx drag racing

300ZX Drag Racing

Here’s what you do: You purchase a bottle of Royal Purple Max Clean fuel injector cleaner & pour the whole bottle into the gas tank. You can use a cleaning kit to feed the liquid through the injectors, and if you do that you’ll receive the best dose of the cleaner. It’s really the way it is mean to. Next up, you just close the gas cap and walla… let the engine run the fuel down with the cleaner. You’ll see a major improvement. Usually the best rated fuel system cleaners can be found here.

Usually what the next thing you have to do, is make sure all the other parts of the vehicle are running just fine. Lastly, you need to make sure the interior of the car is clean as it makes the 2nd biggest difference.

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